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3K Consens Ltd is one of the first consulting firms which were established in order to serve Government and EU local regional development programmes in Hungary. Initially founded by experts of the University of Budapest’s Institute of Sociology, the company later incorporated experts from other fields such as economics, information technology, and planning management and implementation.

From the very beginning of Hungarian regional development activities (since 1994 and during the entire period of employment, economic and social transformation) the 3K Consens Office has provided its services to regions and smaller geographical areas in economic and employment crisis. Within the framework of this activity we have helped economic and public participants find solutions to manage the inevitable changes and to find new directions including: finding new markets; appropriate financial solutions; and methods to re-educate labour forces with outdated skills and professions.

Besides the above, we have also prepared research based analysis on the employment- unemployment situation; including medium-term statistical forecasts of labour supply and demand for several regions.

It is the company’s philosophy that cooperation, expertise and appropriate organisational structure are equally important preconditions for successful regional economic and employment development. Therefore, we have developed and delivered training programmes, helped set up new organisational structures and applied mediation and facilitation methods in order to enable governmental and local decision-makers and the local participants of the economy and public sector representatives to create and accomplish their own development strategies, programmes and projects.

Our company’s clients include the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, several Regional Development Agencies, and many companies from different sectors.

Investment database: finding investment partners

During the last fifteen years, the Hungarian economy has gone through enormous changes. Thousands of local enterprises have become part of the international economy. More than forty major multinational companies have established sites in Hungary, and many Hungarian enterprises - those that have been able to accomplish the appropriate technological and quality requirements - have become their subcontractors.

Although many local municipal governments made efforts to welcome new enterprises through the building of industrial sites and parks, the development of suitable infrastructure and services and the elaboration of a system of advantages for small and medium sized companies, the situation improved disproportionately among the different regions.

The concept of the 3K Consens Office is that a complex, many-sided development is needed to reinforce the attractiveness of an area for investors. This has to include the following:

  • Skilled labour supply

  • Management supply

  • Demand-driven professional and vocational education system

  • Flexible, technologically well-prepared networks of small and medium sized companies

  • Development-oriented, non bureaucratic administration

  • Attractive local and governmental subsidies, and complex support during the relocation process

  • Lively urban atmosphere including appropriate cultural, sport, shopping facilities etc

On this conceptual basis, 3K Consens Office as consultant has helped many local governments and newly located companies to create foreign and inland business connections and to develop and broaden their industrial, commercial service capacity by opening new markets for their products. Our company therefore has an established and wide network of relationships. We have also created a comprehensive investment database, which has been gradually enlarged to include more and more investment target areas.

Based on our database we offer you our services in order to match your company with appropriate business partners and/or a location according to your requested criteria.

A short description of the investment database and the services offered by 3K Consens:


 1 Information on municipalities and their surrounding areas

  • Location, accessibility

  • Population, active and inactive

  • Level of employment, ratio of unemployment

  • Structure of active population by craft and profession

  • Industrial traditions

  • Local management capacity

  • Information/data on labour market supply and needs by capacity and ability of local vocational schools and adult educational institutions

  • Data on wages and salaries of blue and white collar workers

  • Etc.

2. Information on development sites for industrial, commercial or residential use

  • Location, accessibility

  • Dimensions of the site

  • Existing infrastructure

  • Existing buildings

  • Existing enterprises

  • Sectorial characteristics of the area

  • Services offered

  • Conditions of rent or purchase

  • Available governmental and local subsidies for investment

  • Etc.

3. Information on entrepreneurial environment and performance of local economy

  • Identification of relevant enterprises and their activity

  • Identification of foreign and local companies and their activity

  • Suppliers capacities in manufacturing

  • Capacity of professional services

  • Banks and other financial services

  • IT services

  • R&D institutions

  • Profile of Universities in the region

  • Etc.

4. Other information on the municipality and the area’s local amenities

  • List of kindergartens

  • List of elementary and secondary schools

  • List of schools including bilingual teaching

  • Indicators of the success–level of the schools

  • Indicators of the standard of living and quality of life

  • Health services

  • List of policlinics

  • List of hospitals, and their services

  • Sport, Leisure and Recreation facilities

  • Commercial and cultural services

  • Shopping facilities

  • Etc.

II. SERVICES PROVIDED BY 3K CONSENS FOR THE SELECTION OF LOCATION for investment (We offer the following information about a minimum of 3 sites)

  • Detailed description of the sites based on the database (including photos and videos of the sites)

  • Geographical position and transport links of the offered sites

  • Detailed description of the site’s infrastructural characteristics and composition of surrounding subcontractors and professional services

  • Information on the characteristics of the labour market including a breakdown of the labour supply by skill and profession

  • Financial and legal conditions for the purchase of the site

  • Available governmental and local subsidies for the investment

  • Availability of subcontractors and professional services in the relevant area

  • Detailed comparative analysis of several different sites from the point of view of economic, labour market and technical-infrastructural aspects in order to help make investment decisions


  • Personal accompaniment of the client to the sites and organization of meetings

  • Partial or full administration related to the investment

  • Recruitment of the starting management staff

  • Preparation and execution of labour recruitment and training with use of available employment and investment-related government tools and subsidies

  • Identification of suppliers and subcontractors for foreign and domestic investors

  • Detailed comparative analysis and description of potential partners, subcontractors from the following fields:

    • Technology, products, number of employees

    • Location, accessibility

    • Logistic conditions

If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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